Friday, October 28, 2011

The 2ww

No, I am not reminiscing the days of the Second World War. I'm talking about the dreaded "two weeks wait". It's that nerve-racking time between an embryo transfer and taking a pregnancy test. It's two weeks of going crazy, oscillating between mad hope and utter despair. It's two weeks of trying to find things to do so you won't thing about the 2ww. And there aren't many things that will take my mind of it.

So far, I have:

  • Wrote emails to catch up with old friends: 2h

  • Been to the playground with J: 2h

  • Watched the news episodes of Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice on my computer: 45 min each

  • Had a massage: 2h

  • Checked out kindergartens for J: 1h

  • Read infertility forums about the success rate of an IVF, about how to increase the chances of IVF and about what to do in the 2ww: 3h

  • Obsessed about the 2ww: 4h

  • Updated blog: 30 min.

  • Taken my meds: 10 min

  • Contemplated cutting and/or dying my hair: 5 min

  • Elaborated my Halloween menu (blood soup, bat saliva strings and carnaged pumpkin, since you ask): 20 min
13 days to go. Oh my... My upcoming distractions include a trip to the dentist, visits to prospective kindergartens, and Halloween - which includes pumpkin carving, a kiddie party and cooking. That's not a whole lot to do when you can't even go to work because that means running around for 10 hours a day. No, I'm not a pro athlete, only an event organizer.

Suggestions are welcome. I'll take anything, really.

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